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Exciting Changes Are Here!

Camperworld, Inc. launches rebranding for the 2016 season.

Camperworld was established in 1977. Over the years Camperworld lost track of its core values. Camperworld’s rebranding is to focus attention on the fact that it’s a new member focused company.  We are committed to providing great customer service, activities that foster a strong community amongst our members, hassle-free enjoyment of the outdoors, a family-friendly atmosphere, first-rate campgrounds, and well-maintained amenities.  Camperworld as a whole has been completely reorganized, which includes but is not limited to: 1) A member elected non paid board of directors, 2) New management, 3) New Bylaws, and 4) Business practices that have accounting controls, checks and balances between management and the Board of Directors.

In today’s digital age, connectivity is a valuable need for our current members and is becoming ever more important to our potential members. These reasons, among many others, has brought about a situation that affords us the opportunity to take the lessons learned from Camperworld over the years and combine them with implemented new business practices that have the controls and balances between management, members and the Board of Directors to foster a healthier and more robust company in the future.

Without further ado, the new name is “Retrailia RV Resorts”. Retrailia is a representation of all the positive elements and aspects from the old company, while incorporating some wonderful and innovative changes to the new organization that will promote success and increase the overall experience of our members.

You may be asking yourself, “why Retrailia?” You may have noticed that the name Retrailia is derived from various words that represent concepts that are near and dear to our company. The first word is “retreat”. As many of you know, a retreat is somewhere that affords peace and quiet. The desire for such a retreat is something we hope we can continue providing to our members and guests. The next word is “trail”, which for us has two important meanings. The first relates to the old west idea of “hitting the trail”, which means striking out on new adventures. In our opinion adventures are the spice of life. “Trail” also represents nature and the path one takes to become immersed in it. And in the end, camping’s all about the great outdoors. And finally, the shortest part of the new name – “ia” – may be the most important factor in our continued success. In Latin, “ia” is described as formative or connective. The previous Camperworld community is, in our estimation, what made it great and the name “Retrailia” strongly supports a community feel for the future.

“Retrailia RV Resorts” will strive to embody and promote the high standards its name sets forth. We are very excited for the 2016 season and the new direction our company is moving in.